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The Second Story Foundation is a 501c3 Public Charity

Tax Exempt ID#: 88-3942345

The mission of The Second Story Foundation is to help those in early recovery from severe substance use disorder build new, full lives. We seek to create a culture of care for our members where love is abundant, where work is a virtue, where community is present, and where the spirit transforms us.

Alcoholism and addiction create a tremendous amount of suffering. This suffering takes many forms: unemployment and homelessness; broken family ties; isolation and despair and the weight of lost time. Darkness abounds and there’s little hope in going it alone.

But there is a way forward.


There is deep change in earnest sobriety and the way is paved by healthy communities.

The way is lit by the compassion, kindness, support, and love of those who care. We care to embrace those suffering from alcoholism and addiction and help transform the suffering of addiction to the joy of recovery.


The Second Story Foundation recognizes that the current continuum of care for people who suffer from severe Substance Use Disorder is systemically challenged and does not offer enough in helping rebuild shattered lives.  Time and direction in treatment, employment training, stable housing and transportation all present tremendous barriers to full recovery.  The Second Story Foundation is creating community-based solutions for people working diligently in sobriety to overcome these very real obstacles.


Please click on the links to see our current and developing programs:

2nd Story, Alsip

2nd Story, Drive

2nd Story, Orland Hills

The 2nd Story Ranch

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