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2nd Story Drive

One of our Board members, Ken, recently came to me to tell me about a young man, working steadfastly towards his recovery from Substance Use Disorder.


“Jimmy,” he said, “ ‘Alex’ is working at a good job, but he’s paying nearly $200 per week in Uber rides to get to-and-from work. That’s ridiculous!”


This is a common financial trap that people building new lives, from scratch, often encounter. It could take years to save for reliable transportation that opens more opportunities for good-paying jobs. Alex was accepted into a union, but may have had to decline because he couldn’t afford to get to job sites. Paying over $100 per week for rideshares, he could afford a car payment, but he couldn’t get all the money together at once.

The Second Story Foundation opened a dedicated account to accept a donation that we have loaned to Alex at no interest. This way, that one—tax deductible—donation will help Alex buy a used car, and when he repays the loan, we will loan it out again. We are calling our no-interest micro-loan program “2 nd Story Drive.” We hope this story inspires you to make a donation—of any amount—our 2 nd Story, Drive Fund. You can specify your intent for your donation through PayPal or in the memo on your check. Each donation will be recycled, when repaid, to help more and more people. And if you have a car you can donate, we will put it to great use.

Just email us at:

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