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The 2nd Story, Alsip house was developed and opened in 2023 as an answer to a systemic problem for people working to build new lives early in substance abuse recovery. Many people who suffer from severe substance use disorder experience serious financial repercussions.


When those consequences reflect in credit scores, the options for stable, affordable housing become difficult to access. Automated and standardized property management companies will not consider applicants who have negative credit or rental histories, regardless of an applicant’s employment or ability to afford market-value rent.

The Second Story Foundation secured a home in Alsip, IL to rent to four men who had completed a long-term residential treatment program and were working steadfastly in recovery. The Second Story Foundation offered our members entry into the rental market regardless of negative credit or rental histories. Each member has over one-year sober, a good job and now has his name on a lease. Our home is not a Halfway House. Each member signs a year-to-year lease and the tenants are responsible for their ongoing involvement in their recovery communities. The Second Story Foundation offers case-management, financial planning and counseling free of charge, upon request.

The community support and the opportunity that our mission delivers inspires our new members to live-up to the measure of the gifts. Moreover, our members share their experience, strength and hope to those working towards an independent life, free from drugs and alcohol. Together, we help motivate and strengthen their commitment to long-term recovery as they see a new way of life paved before them.

Janelle Towne and her amazing team at Home2Home Project blew us all away with their vision, effort

and thoughtfulness in fully furnishing the Second Story Home (Thanks Ana!!!).

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